You Need Ellen DeGeneres’ Relatable In Your Life

Guess who’s back? Back again? No it’s not Slim Shady, but I’m convinced they go to the same hairstylist. It’s the white lesbian Oprah! Or as literally everyone else in the world knows her as, Ellen DeGeneres. Whether you know her from her immensely popular talk show, her Game of Games show, her stand up, or you’re an OG fan and know her from her self-titled sitcom (where are my 80’s children at?) chances are that you love her. I mean how could you not?

Even if her brand of comedy isn’t quite your style, you have to admit that her talk show is at least really entertaining. Despite what most people seem to think, it is NOT just for stay-at-home mothers to watch in the afternoon. While I haven’t been an avid viewer of her show in quite some time, I still recognize that Ellen is an incredibly funny person. So when her new stand up special Relatable came out I was incredibly excited to see what this queen of comedy would bring us after a 15 year absence in stand up. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

If you’ve never watched Ellen’s stand up before then let me enlighten you. Her comedy style is telling stories, and what she is well versed in is taking a quick punchline in a very short story and stretching it out into a two or three minute long skit where she squeezes out every last bit of funny that she can. Some of the main topics covered in this special is her lesbianism, eating at restaurants, her wealth, and proper footwear.

One of the things that does bother me about this special is that she goes back to the “first woman to sit down with Johnny Carson” well, which (without doing any research at all) I’m pretty sure has been included in damn near every single one of her comedy specials. Ellen, we love you but we’re all sick of hearing that story now.

If you’ve been missing her dancing on her talk show (she stopped doing her famous dancing a couple years ago) then I’ve got some wonderful news for you, she dances in her new special! Simply seeing her dance like that again made me feel a bit nostalgic. It also helped that the bit she was doing with her dancing was an absolutely hilarious bit about dancing to “your jam” in the club.

Lately Ellen has become known for doing fun little Q&A’s and has actually gone on entire tours where she just talks with the audience. So it makes sense that she would have a little Q&A session on her new special. There’s a mini 10 minute episode after her stand up where she gives some heartfelt answers mixed in with some great humour (obviously) to the questions presented by some of her audience members.

Overall this comedy special is exactly what you can expect from Ellen stand up which is nothing less than excellence. I don’t know how after all these years she keeps hitting the comedy bullseye every single time, but I’m extremely glad she does. I give this comedy special 4.5 out of 5 relatable jokes.

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