15 Movies You Didn’t Know Had Post-Credit Scenes

Something that has been growing in popularity in the last decade is post-credit scenes. Most people hear this term and immediately think of almost any Marvel movie ever made. This is understandable since Marvel definitely helped to launch this movie making trend into mainstream popularity. However, the occurrence of the post-credit scene started way before Marvel ever got into the filmmaking industry.

In fact, one of the earliest examples of a post credit scene being used dates way back to 1979 in The Muppet Movie. It was here that the Muppets took the opportunity to congratulate each other on their spectacular performances and it closed with Animal yelling at everyone to “go home”, effectively setting historic movie making precedence.

However, in between the 1979 version of The Muppet Movie and the recently released Avengers: Endgame, there have been a lot of movies that have included post-credit scenes. Some of them are critically acclaimed and well known, while others have gone largely unnoticed by the public. Here is our list of 20 movies you probably didn’t know had post-credit scenes.

Airplane (1980)

It’s hard to find anyone born before 2000 who hasn’t seen this comedic classic. In many ways, it defined what comedy was. But one joke that you might have missed occurred long after the credits started rolling. After the last words disappeared off the screen, we see hero pilot Ted Striker’s cab that he temporarily abandoned at the airport in the beginning of the film. It’s something that we would expect to see since he hadn’t yet gotten a chance to reclaim his cab after heroically landing the plane. However, what you don’t expect to see is that the passenger from the beginning of the film is still sitting in the back of it! He hilariously says the line, “Well I’ll give him another 20 minutes, but that’s it.” It’s a joke that has not been seen by many but definitely deserves everyone’s attention.

American Gangster (2007)

Not all of these end credit scenes will be spectacular. But regardless of whether they are hilarious, exciting, or straight up unimpressive, they are still post-credit scenes and therefore qualify for this list. American Gangster is a perfect example of this. The incredibly short post-credit scene involves feared gangster Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) cloaked in shadows and walking up to the camera. He then raises his gun, points it directly at the camera, and fires, with the muzzle flash briefly illuminating his face and body before cutting to black.

Insidious (2010)

For many people, it’s hard enough to stay and watch a horror film long enough to even make it to the end. So when the end credits start rolling, most people immediately leave the theater or turn off the movie to try and escape the horror they just experienced. One film you might not want to do this with though is the 2010 Insidious film, which is the first of the now expansive series. After the credits have finished rolling, we see the old demon woman holding up the candle while creepily smiling. She then blows out the candle and everything goes black. This clip has been seen by so few people, that it’s almost impossible to find any mention of it online and I couldn’t locate a single video clip of the post-credit scene.

30 Minutes or Less (2011)

I personally love this movie and have seen it no less than four times, but even I didn’t know that it had a post-credits scene. If you linger long enough to get all the way through the credits, then you will get to see the idiot kidnappers Dwayne and Travis finally realize their dream of opening up their own tanning salon/brothel. The entire scene is an 80’s style commercial that promotes this weird hybrid business in typical hilarious fashion.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

This post-credit scene probably gets the award for the cutest one on this list. This adorable animated flick includes a short scene after the credits have finished, which sees Po and Shifu sitting beside each other while eating dumplings. In typical Po fashion, he eats all of his first and Shifu has to give him some more. Then the camera pans backwards and we see the sprouting peach tree, which is growing at the site where the peach pit had been buried much earlier in the film.

Buried (2010)

Long before Ryan Reynolds graced the big screen as the hilarious and inappropriate Deadpool, he starred in this 2010 thriller Buried. The film centers around an American civilian worker in Iraq named Paul Conroy who gets knocked out, kidnapped, and buried alive by terrorists. The ending is heartbreaking enough as it is, but then the movie rubs dirt, or should I say sand, into the wound with the post-credit scene (sorry for that awful joke). It pans up to the top of Conroy’s coffin (pre-death) and you can see the handwritten name Mark White which Conroy put onto the lid. This is the name of the supposedly rescued hostage that US State Department agent named Dan Brenner lied to Conroy about saving and it is an all too soon reminder of the tragic fate of both the innocent hostages.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007)

I feel like you either love or hate this film, but either way you can’t deny that it has a post-credit scene. Is it a good? Not particularly, but it still qualifies for this list. The scene involves a POV shot through a handheld camcorder of Mr. Bean writing the word FIN in the sand with this foot. Then the ocean water comes and washes it away, followed by the screen turning to black.

The Rugrats Movie (1998)

If you’re anything like me, then you grew up loving the Rugrats and almost everyone you knew had a VHS copy of this movie at their house. However, what many of us children with limited attention spans failed to notice was that it came with a post-credits scene. It involves Grandpa Lou passed out in the wagon, which the goat then headbutts and chases after as it goes rolling down the street.

Religulous (2008)

There’s few movies that have been able to be as controversial as this one. But regardless of what you thought about it, we’re going to talk about it here because it has a post-credit scene. It features Bill Maher sitting with his mom and saying to her, “See you in heaven.” She then replies with, “Who knows?” The text rises up that indicates that his mother passed away and the film is dedicated to her, with the screen then cutting to black.

Piranha 3D (2010)

This was such a terrible movie, so it only makes sense that it would just as terrible of a post-credits scene. It honestly barely counts as one, but as the last credits scroll away, a decomposing human skull floats into frame for a couple of seconds and then it ends. Honestly, that’s it.

Brave (2012)

The second animated movie to be featured on this list, Brave includes a comical scene once all of the credits have gone. Both the crow and the broomstick show up to the castle to give Merida her delivery from the witch. The poor guard is asleep on the job when they arrive, so the crow caws to wake him up and demands that he hurry up and sign the delivery sheet. Needless to say, the guard is taken completely by surprise and drops his spear in response. The scene then fades to the magical Disney castle that we all know and love.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

Not only is this one of the most underrated movies of the 21st century, but it also comes with a funny post-credits scene. In order to poke even more fun at its source material of the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, the scene displays a black and white video of John C. Reilly singing Walk Hard with the caption that it is “the real Dewey Cox”.

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

I bet you didn’t think there’d be more than one 3D movie to be featured on this list, yet here we are. Once the credits roll, we see Heather’s parents come to the infamous house for a visit. However, they are greeted by Leatherface, who runs out the front door wielding his signature chainsaw.

Ted 2 (2015)

This absolutely hilarious comedy sequel from Seth MacFarlane includes his trademark ridiculous humour throughout the entire movie (and beyond). It’s the bit of humour that most people didn’t catch after the credits had finished. It shows Liam Neeson stumbling back into the grocery store with his box of Trix cereal that he awkwardly bought earlier in the film. He is visibly beaten up, slams the box of cereal on the counter, and then limps back out of the store.

Burying the Ex (2014)

Another highly underrated flick, this horror comedy displays the acting brilliance of the late Anton Yelchin. It also displays a behind the scenes post-credit scene where we get a glimpse at how they made the shot where Evelyn projectile vomits embalming fluid directly into Max’s face.

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